Welcome to our new website

So thrilled to finally be launching my new website, it’s been months in the making so I’m glad you could stop by :o)

If you’ve never met me before, well I’m pleased to meet you my name is Brandee, I’m a commercial & advertising photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been involved in the photography industry my entire working life, it’s my passion and I’m all about creating the perfect imagery for your brand.

Over the years I’ve worked with many Agencies, Design Studios, Stylists, Creative Directors but I’ve also worked directly with business owners and sole traders too. As far as I’m concerned each client is as important as the other. I help them promote and advertise their businesses with great professional images, so it doesn't matter how big or how small I love to work with everybody.


I’m hoping that in this BLOG I can show some interesting behind the scenes workings of how we go about delivering quality bespoke images to our clients.

Welcome & Thanks for visiting

Brandee xx