Meet Brandee, she’s full of bright ideas…


It’s her collaborative approach and versatility that sets Brandee Meier apart from other photographers. She will listen to the vision you have for your corporate portrait, food or product photos and help you achieve it – even if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for. She also offers a fresh perspective and creative flair that will give your images a unique look to convey the photographic message you’re searching for.

Brandee will work harmoniously with your favourite suppliers or take care of all aspects of the photo shoot including: 

  •  Set building

  • Staging and styling

  • Make-up artists

  • Prop sourcing

 See examples of her work here

Nothing is Missed

Brandee has the most extraordinary attention to detail that infuses characteristics such as quality, prestige, beauty and care to your corporate photographs.

You will never see a messy collar or a hair out of place unless it’s part of your brand’s style. Other photographers may tell you they can Photoshop things out on request. But this takes time and increases costs. Instead, Brandee looks for things that are out-of-place before she takes the photo so that nothing is left to chance.

A foodie at heart

While Brandee is highly skilled and experienced at photographing a wide range of subjects, her passion is styling and photographing food. As a result, she is a long-time photographic supplier for well-known brands like Noritake Australia and magazines such as Australian Gluten-Free Life.


From an early age, Brandee wanted to work in the photographic industry. She knew it wouldn’t be easy so when she left school, she looked for ways to break into the industry. In her first job she sold wholesale film, cameras, paper and chemicals to professional photographers. (This was the era before digital photography was the norm.) Not only did this give her an understanding of the industry from the ground up, she also had the opportunity to meet quite a few of Sydney’s premiere, professional photographers. Before long, she was offered a position in a busy advertising and commercial photography studio as a Black & White Darkroom Printer.

 From there, Brandee worked her way up to Production Manager and then Studio Manager, Photographer Assistant and finally shooting assignments as a fully-fledged Senior Photographer.

 It’s these years developing her skills in every aspect of professional photography that sets Brandee apart from most commercial photographers. It’s also the reason for her ability to take imaginative and high quality photos of any subject.

Brandee’s formal photographic qualifications include:

  • Certificate III in Photography

  • Cert IV in Digital Pre-press - receiving an award for 1st place 

  • Cert IV in Graphic Design, TAFE’s Design Centre Enmore - to gain an in-depth understanding of the graphic design aspects of photography

For fresh, professional photographic images to promote your business, contact Brandee by calling 1300 702 102 or email her at